Round Bars

Virwadia Steels is Leading Manufacturer , Supplier, Stockists, Exporter of SS 316 Round bars and Rods in Round, Square , Rectangular shapes in Black and Bright Surface.

Virwadia Steels is the leading manufacturer of the Stainless Steel 316H Bar which finds their use in the wide sectors. This Stainless Steel 316H Bar is actually austenitic stainless steel which bears molybdenum as one of its constituents. 

The content of nickel and molybdenum in this grade are higher due to which is shows increased resistance to corrosion. It shows resistance to crevice as well as pitting corrosion in the chloride milieus.We offer this bar in various designs, shapes, and size. The good quality raw material is carefully picked and the product is then manufactured from it. We provide Stainless Steel 316 Round Bar at the market leading prices to our customers. 

The dimensions of these bars are S276 or SA 276 while it ranges in size from 3.17mm- 350mm Dia. Length can range from 1-6 m or it can be of custom cut length. Finishes which are available to the customers can be turned, rough, black, matt finish, polished, BA finish, etc. For more information, help and advice, why not send us an email:

SS Round Bar Specification

Size Range
3 mm upto 150 mm
Supply Conditions
Ground, Smooth Turned, Rough Peeled, Peeled and Polished, High Tensile, Chamfered
H9, H10, H11, K12, K13, EN 10060
stainless steel 316 round bars
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